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How To Care for your wooden sign or carving

There are many different products for caring for your carving, paints, oils, urethanes, epoxies....
All of which have their own benefits, some better than others, some more labor intense, some last longer.....
No matter what you decide to use for your carving, just use something! 

I use an outdoor urethane on my carvings. I apply 4 coats of an outdoor urethane, with an ultra violet protectant. It is a high quality sealant that last for a longer period of time than the oils. When it is time to reseal a log, it is very easily applied with a brush.  Make sure to cover all the exposed wood.

Apply sealers at first signs of fading, cracking, or discoloring, or before. Make it a routine. Observe how long your sealer lasts, then repeat the process when needed.  How often you will need to reseal your carving will be determined by how exposed it is to the elements.  If it is sitting out in the open catching snow, rain, and wind, you will need to reseal your carving more often than if it is under shelter, such as on a porch or against a deck or flower garden.


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